Private Consultation$200.00
Providing private office and/or in-home

Generally a consultation lasts 1-2 hours and includes a detailed history of infant and maternal health and your breastfeeding experience, an assessment of both the mother and baby, before and after nursing weight checks with a scale to measure intake at the breast, and compassionate hands-on help as needed. We will work together to create a realistic plan to address any challenges and help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. Follow up by phone, text and/or e-mail is included as well as correspondence with your OB and your child's pediatrician as needed.

($25.00 Travel Fee for home visits)
Follow-Up Consultation$175.00
Providing private office and/or in-home

A follow up consult may be necessary especially for more complex feeding issues. We will continue to monitor your baby's weight gain and monitor intake at the breast. We will also assess your progress and work together to adjust your plan as needed.

($25.00 Travel Fee for home visits)
Telehealth Virtual Lactation Consultation$100.00 per hour
This is a wonderful format to be able to offer support and guidance with breastfeeding and pumping concerns when unable to meet in person. 


Prenatal Consultation/The ABC's of Breastfeeding$100.00

Private breastfeeding instruction to help you feel prepared for your new arrival. Spouses and/or family members who will be supporting mom after the baby arrives are encouraged to attend as well.

Back-to-Work Consultation/Pumping Instruction$100.00
Ease your concerns about returning to work with personalized information about pumping and bottle feeding, milk storage and maintaining your milk supply.
Moms Milk Club$5.00
Breastfeeding and Pumping Support Group

Temporarily we are meeting virtually. Come and connect with other nursing and pumping mothers to share challenges and celebrate successes in a supportive and nurturing environment. A scale is provided so you can monitor your baby's weight gain and do a before/after feeding and weight check if desired.
Medela Symphony, Hygeia Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental
and SECA Breastfeeding Scale-
Breast Pumps-$25.00 per week or $75.00 per month. $45.00 for the breast pump kit. SECA Breastfeeding Scale-$15 per week or $50 per month.

Infant Massage

As adults we know how good massage feels to us! So imagine how good your baby will feel when you learn the special techniques of infant massage. Infant massage has been shown to reduce irritability, promote calm, bonding, and help soothe a little ones delicate digestive system.

Craniosacral and Reiki Therapy

Craniosacral and Reiki therapy are both an effective form of light touch therapy that has been shown to promote relaxation and healing.

Mom & Baby Yoga

This gentle yoga class is designed to help mom get her prepregnancy body back, increase flexibility, and address areas of tension in the body and bond with her baby all at the same time! This is a beginner level class and requires no previous experience. Come prepared to have fun with your baby! Private one on one instruction available upon request.







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