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Breastfeeding Your Baby & Traveling by Car: Top 10 Travel Tips



By: Stacy Notestine RN, BSN & Madeline Agar BA & Mom to Cece


Traveling by car? You can do this, Mama! Milk Club Moms who’ve traveled by car chimed in, and here are our Top 10 Travel Tips for traveling by car:


  1. Make sure you have a mirror on the back of the seat facing your baby. With the mirror, you can see baby, baby can see you, and baby can “talk” to him/herself in the mirror! Practical and fun!


  1. Bring a portable white noise machine, and consider bringing a blanket that you can put on the window to make the backseat darker for naps. If you can time your travel to coincide with nap times or the times your baby is typically in a good mood, great! If not, it will all work out. Bring anything that soothes your baby like his favorite blanket, lovie or pacifier.


  1. Speaking of timing, allow for extra time and extra stops! Some families find it helpful to travel through the night, and let baby sleep the whole way, or go to bed early and leave around 3 am or so to get some nighttime driving in.


  1. If your baby/toddler is older, consider having an iPad attached the headrest for on-the-go entertainment! Or pull up some baby friendly videos on your phone.


  1. If you are a pumping mama, consider bringing a manual/hand pump, in addition to your electric pump, in case your electric pump malfunctions or you can’t find power for it. Also, think ahead of time about how you will plug your pump in/what your pumping schedule will be.


  1. Try to plan rest stops/gas station stops for when baby typically feeds, if you are nursing. Bring pillows and/or your nursing pillow to use when nursing your baby in the backseat. And think about how you and baby will be most comfortable nursing in the backseat of the car - Are you most comfortable with a blanket over the window or nursing cover? You could even do a “trial run” of nursing your baby in the backseat, perhaps in the grocery store parking lot or when visiting friends/family, so you can figure out what is most comfortable for you and your baby! Be sure to have lots of extras like diapers, wipes and change of clothing. Organization is key!


  1. For older babies/toddlers, little snacks are a great source of entertainment!


  1. If two adults are driving, one adult can sit in the back next to baby, especially during fussy times! Siblings make for great entertainment as well!


  1. Bring your baby’s favorite toys and books, and switch them out every 25-30 minutes.


  1. Try your best to accept that things might not go the way they typically do when not traveling - Remember that if you get to your destination safely, regardless of how long it takes you, you’ve done your job!


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